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These Are Things That Are Happening

Launching an indie novel: is a great idea if you have an extremely stable temperament. Maybe I’ll get myself one of those one day!

Seriously though–it’s been way more ups than downs lately. Reviews for Your Name, In Fire finally started rolling in, people keep buying it, and today HUNDREDS (update: thousands and thousands) of people are downloading it during a brief promo I’m running. Get your free copy here:

Buy from Amazon US

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Review: Your Name, In Fire

I am extremely grateful and, okay, giddy about this. 🙂


Your Name, In Fire by Kera Emory

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 4.5

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Upcoming Novella: The Weight, Plus News

I mentioned it in my Underworld post, but I’ve been working on a little urban fantasy novella. It’s something I started a long time ago, and in retrospect I think my subconscious was trying to figure out all the missing characterization from that movie. But then the story grew into its own world, and the characters, as they are wont to do, went off and did random stuff I didn’t expect, and more characters appeared on the page and insisted on inserting their own backstories.

Anne is a centuries-old vampire who has a lot on her mind, and Chase has been a werewolf/vampire hybrid for about three weeks. Needless to say, they have communication problems. And they’re on the run, having left a trail of chaos and bodies in their wake.

Things get worse from there.

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Launch Day Reflections

So, in case it’s not obvious by now, I’m officially an Indie Author; I have the books on Amazon and the mild sense of desperation to prove it.

My first novel, Your Name, In Fire, launched yesterday on a bunch of retail sites. It was very exciting and also intensely nerve-wracking. I sold about four times as many copies as I expected to, given that no one knows who the eff I am and I have a social media footprint the size of a gnat. So, win! Right?! I think!

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We’re Live! Everyone panic!


Your Name, In Fire is officially available for sale at the retailers below:

Buy from Amazon US   Buy from Amazon UK

Get it while it’s 99c!

(But wait, there’s more below.)

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Into the Final Stretch

First on my mind: Have been tinkering with the cover to Your Name, In Fire. I love the ‘with blood’ version of the cover, which as I type is likely still on the main YNIF page. But forum posters have me really worrying about the thumbnail view, which most readers will see as their first impression of the book. So Sezmra gave me a ‘no blood’, slightly more desaturated version that I think works a bit better as a thumbnail, I guess because there are fewer elements to make out at the smaller size. (All this said: I don’t have the best eye, and further reading suggests I won’t be able to resist the ‘half naked male torso’ marketing tool forever.)

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