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Stealth Launch: In The Dark, A Novella of the Undying

Today I’m launching a 22k-word stand-alone novella, In The Dark. Here’s the blurb:

Chase Covington and Anne Sheffield are on the run, but Chase isn’t sure where they’re going.


She’s a centuries-old vampire, and he’s been a werewolf hybrid for about three weeks. They’ve left a trail of bodies and a shattered supernatural treaty in their wake, and they’re having major communication problems.


And when the full moon rises, things are going to get a whole lot worse.

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Upcoming Novella: The Weight, Plus News

I mentioned it in my Underworld post, but I’ve been working on a little urban fantasy novella. It’s something I started a long time ago, and in retrospect I think my subconscious was trying to figure out all the missing characterization from that movie. But then the story grew into its own world, and the characters, as they are wont to do, went off and did random stuff I didn’t expect, and more characters appeared on the page and insisted on inserting their own backstories.

Anne is a centuries-old vampire who has a lot on her mind, and Chase has been a werewolf/vampire hybrid for about three weeks. Needless to say, they have communication problems. And they’re on the run, having left a trail of chaos and bodies in their wake.

Things get worse from there.

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