Launching an indie novel: is a great idea if you have an extremely stable temperament. Maybe I’ll get myself one of those one day!

Seriously though–it’s been way more ups than downs lately. Reviews for Your Name, In Fire finally started rolling in, people keep buying it, and today HUNDREDS (update: thousands and thousands) of people are downloading it during a brief promo I’m running. Get your free copy here:

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And then add it to your collection on Goodreads:

Your Name, In Fire

If you read it and like it, please let me know by posting a review.

The last few weeks have been a blur; obsessively checking stats, but also brushing up my Photoshop skills for cover and advertising art. And … WRITING! Maybe that seems obvious, but it’s been very difficult to get my brain out of ‘marketing’/freakout mode long enough to be creative. Until the last week or so:

  • Finished the UF novella (now titled In The Dark). Needs a beta read and a finalized cover image.
  • Did some major work on the sequel to YNIF
  • Started another unrelated WIP that I’m not totally sure will stick, but at the moment I’m very excited about it. I laid down the scaffolding for it, which means I captured the initial burst of inspiration and emotional beats, so should be able to return to it when I need to. Much like YNIF, it will be nearly impossible to categorize properly, so apparently all those marketing lessons aren’t quite sinking in.

In RL news, I got an iPad Pro 9.7, and it’s been pretty awesome for artwork. I’m not a serious artist or designer, but I can sketch, and it’s been a nice way to relax, and also do minor detail work on potential covers.

I hope to book myself a cruise for summer soon; on my summer solo cruise (7 days) last year I wrote about 30k words. Nothing like having all food/cleaning/minor details taken care of and a view of the ocean to really get stuff done. (Seriously, for any writers reading this, I really recommend it. And there are ways to do it cheaply, especially as compared to other travel.)

I did the first big push of YNIF’s sequel (when I’d never intended it to HAVE a sequel–it just popped into my head) sitting on one of these:


I’m continuing to branch out slowly into social media. I always took to Twitter, but Facebook still scares the heck out of me.

The book launch … adventure? … also means I haven’t been to the gym in forever. That’s going to catch up with me. I usually really like cooking, but I’ve been so distracted it’s come down to things like ‘deli meat rolled up with slices of American cheese’, or in some cases, ‘bulk frozen popcorn shrimp’. Mmm. I only had one gelato incident. I also came really close to buying Lunchables.

And that’s the takeaway for today: being a writer means you are risking eating Lunchables.