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  1. OMFG
  2. Wow, the little blurb I wrote for my ‘Bargain Booksy’ promo a few weeks ago (while in the midst of freaking out) is slightly on the cutesy side. I actually use the phrase ‘handsome geek’. I think they had a lower word count limit and I was in crunch-mode. Most promos will use your typical Amazon blurb.
  3. OMFG
  4. Should be up on Google Play Books … eventually. I have to side-load through a service called Streetlib, because Google Play isn’t allowing new authors to join right now.
  5. Still ranking in “Video game adaptations”, heh. I polled some authors on a forum about the ethics of leaving your book in an inaccurate category. All I got was the sound of crickets.
  6. I hate to beg for Amazon reviews, but here’s the part where I beg for Amazon reviews.
  7. The fact that I’m not in Kindle Unlimited was a conscious decision. Kindle Unlimited is ‘exclusive’ to Amazon and I wanted to try other outlets as well (such as iBooks, Nook, Kobo). Also, KU seems to be experiencing some growing pains with regards to scammers and such–it’s a bit difficult to find books there.
  8. I will not look at stats. I will not look at stats. I will not look at stats.

Hopefully I will have slightly more meaningful things to say later, and not in a list format.

Thanks tons to: Laurie, Carol, Scott and Linsey, Matt and Sarah, and J. Stone (the first self-published author I personally knew).