I mentioned it in my Underworld post, but I’ve been working on a little urban fantasy novella. It’s something I started a long time ago, and in retrospect I think my subconscious was trying to figure out all the missing characterization from that movie. But then the story grew into its own world, and the characters, as they are wont to do, went off and did random stuff I didn’t expect, and more characters appeared on the page and insisted on inserting their own backstories.

Anne is a centuries-old vampire who has a lot on her mind, and Chase has been a werewolf/vampire hybrid for about three weeks. Needless to say, they have communication problems. And they’re on the run, having left a trail of chaos and bodies in their wake.

Things get worse from there.

It should clock in at a little under 20k words, and I hope to have it available on Kindle Unlimited in … let’s say, a week or two, but sometimes ‘finished’ can be a moving target for me. Right now I’d call it 95% finished. But just like when you’re moving house, that last five percent can be a real bitch.

Speaking of Kindle Unlimited: I’m in the process of moving Your Name, In Fire out of other outlets and eventually into Kindle Unlimited. Early stats have indicated that almost all of my sales so far have been in the Amazon platform, so I may as well take advantage of some of the benefits of going exclusive with them. As of this writing, it’s still available on Nook, so if you or someone you know needs to grab it there, now’s the time. 🙂

Thanks for all your support so far.