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These Are Things That Are Happening

Launching an indie novel: is a great idea if you have an extremely stable temperament. Maybe I’ll get myself one of those one day!

Seriously though–it’s been way more ups than downs lately. Reviews for Your Name, In Fire finally started rolling in, people keep buying it, and today HUNDREDS (update: thousands and thousands) of people are downloading it during a brief promo I’m running. Get your free copy here:

Buy from Amazon US

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What the Heck

A quick couple of words that are too many for Twitter–

So I spent about eighteen months QQing about how I didn’t want to get on social media to try to promote my first novel, because blah blah reasons and LiveJournal stole my lunch money when I was a kid.

But I want people to read my damned book, so I had to suck it up.

And just from making some fairly brief stabs at putting myself out there–

Jonathan Van Ness from Gay of Thrones retweeted me! And followed me! Is it uncouth to brag about this? I have no idea! Because I am a dork!

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