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Into the Final Stretch

First on my mind: Have been tinkering with the cover to Your Name, In Fire. I love the ‘with blood’ version of the cover, which as I type is likely still on the main YNIF page. But forum posters have me really worrying about the thumbnail view, which most readers will see as their first impression of the book. So Sezmra gave me a ‘no blood’, slightly more desaturated version that I think works a bit better as a thumbnail, I guess because there are fewer elements to make out at the smaller size. (All this said: I don’t have the best eye, and further reading suggests I won’t be able to resist the ‘half naked male torso’ marketing tool forever.)

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Never Rains But it Pours

Lots going on. Head spinning.

My friend Sezmra is helping me with a lot of design things, including an awesome book cover. (We’re still new at this and tinkering with it–Amazon does some unexpected things when scaling down to thumbnail size and such.) She’s also doing some revamps to the website, which I just noticed this morning! I have a mailing list popup and a Twitter feed embedded! Continue reading “Never Rains But it Pours”


Today is a day where things are a little wobbly.

The forums that have been giving me hope about my self-pub path are down. (kboards) There appears to be some kind of database issue. I hope it’s temporary–I have a lot of info there I’d bookmarked and intended to refer back to.

I’m not hearing back from people I would like to hear back from. (I know this is just the way it goes–people have busy, busy lives, and it’s insane to expect anyone to take your book as seriously as you do.) Continue reading “Reversals”

These Are Things That Have Happened

The first of my beta readers who I don’t know in real life, and just barely know online–meaning someone who is under no obligation to be nice to me–has just gotten back to me and apparently really loved the book. I’d been so afraid I would never hear back from anyone.  (Thank you, Carol, if you’re reading this.)

So I’m … on a bit of an emotional upswing. I also have a talent for understatement. Continue reading “These Are Things That Have Happened”


Well, not quite. I had another blog in which I spent a lot of time agonizing over the whole business of publishing a book. I’ll probably keep agonizing here. But at least the following things are now true: Continue reading “Liftoff”

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