Today is a day where things are a little wobbly.

The forums that have been giving me hope about my self-pub path are down. (kboards) There appears to be some kind of database issue. I hope it’s temporary–I have a lot of info there I’d bookmarked and intended to refer back to.

I’m not hearing back from people I would like to hear back from. (I know this is just the way it goes–people have busy, busy lives, and it’s insane to expect anyone to take your book as seriously as you do.)

I tried to sign up for a site that shares info on promo sites for ebooks (meaning, ads you buy), but they want a link to my book first before they will grant me access to their forums. This is a big theme this week: you cannot buy ads or book promo spots or submit your work for review without first actually having the retail book link available. The solution to this is to put the book up for pre-order on Amazon, but see item two–waiting on stuff from people. (Eventually I may have to suck it up and put up the pre-order page without the things I am waiting on.)

The smart thing to do would be for me to take a step back and find some things to distract myself with for the few days until I leave town (the long weekend Vegas trip). There is plenty of time after I get back, but before my projected launch date, to worry about all of this.

However, I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t somewhere on the ‘obsessive’ spectrum, I wouldn’t be able to write books.