Today I’m launching a 22k-word stand-alone novella, In The Dark. Here’s the blurb:

Chase Covington and Anne Sheffield are on the run, but Chase isn’t sure where they’re going.


She’s a centuries-old vampire, and he’s been a werewolf hybrid for about three weeks. They’ve left a trail of bodies and a shattered supernatural treaty in their wake, and they’re having major communication problems.


And when the full moon rises, things are going to get a whole lot worse.

The origin of this novella requires some explanation.

The first thing you should know is that it started off as a short story inspired by the movie Underworld, but quickly took on a life of its own. I played around with it a bit, but at the time indie publishing didn’t exist and there wasn’t much I could do with a story that was not technically fan-fiction.

The second thing you should know is that the first few weeks of being a newly-minted Indie Author made me a crazy person. Everyone was telling me I had to write more, more, more; faster, faster, faster. And every book I looked at, on the top of all the genres I was interested in, had purple-blue glowy crap and/or some guy with abs on the cover.

So I rewrote this as-yet untitled story from scratch, then frantically asked my friend Laurie, who did the YNIF cover, for some glowy abs. She started working on it, but she has a real life, and no one would have been fast enough to deal with the depths of my temporary insanity. So I whipped together the glowy-abs cover you see at the top of this post. Half the time I am delighted by how incredibly silly it is, and half the time I am horrified. In the end, my amusement won out. If nothing else, the marketing research is probably worth my mild embarrassment.

As for the story itself: It’s fairly straightforward, particularly as compared to YNIF, but because I can’t write anything without character arcs, it contains character arcs. It exists in its own (for now) stand-alone universe, and is not part of the YNIF world. It won’t be going into Kindle Unlimited at this time, as I would like to have more control over it for now that Amazon will let me have. That means you can also buy it at iTunes and Kobo. And of course, it’s over at Amazon, just not in KU.

I’m not sure I will repeat this particular experiment; I have too many full-length novel ideas in mind, and I have to finish up YNIF’s sequel. But primarily: the story was driven by panic (fear of not writing fast enough, and fear of not having enough glowy abs on my covers), and while I became as invested in these characters and the story as much as in anything else I’ve written, I don’t want to be driven by panic.

All this said–I hope you’ll check it out, and let me know what you think. Unless you’re Matt, in which case you shouldn’t be reading it, and if you do you definitely shouldn’t tease me about it. YES YOU MATT. (He knows who he is.)

In Your Name, In Fire news, I unexpectedly received an unbelievably gracious plug from Zombie-Apocalypse author L.T. Vargus:

Your Name, In Fire: Funny, sweet, and full of suspense

Your Name, In Fire is full of endearing characters: Connor, the adorable nerd. Wendy, the new girl with secrets. Not to mention the wide range of supporting characters. Liza Jane with her snarky ‘tude is probably my favorite. Even the villain, while not likable per se, is something new — or at least something I haven’t seen 1000 times before.


Ms. Vargus and I sort of inadvertently hooked up on twitter, each realized there was a real person at the other end (many ‘authors’ on twitter are mostly bots), and tentatively agreed to give each others’ stuff a shot. I read her ‘Scattered and the Dead‘ novella/prequel and enjoyed it despite my lack of strong zombie affinity, but I never expected her to actually read YNIF, because from where I am she’s a Big Successful Indie Author and I am a nobody. So when her review popped up on my Twitter feed, I had two whole days of having basically no idea how to react. (She’s got like 200k followers, ya’ll.)

It was a high note so far in the launch of my debut novel, and I’m extremely grateful.